Monday, December 28, 2009


Nokia E 72 is the latest model of the company. Nokia E72 is one of those handsets everybody is talking about long before their release. There may be nothing much to talk about - after all everyone knows what to expect of the Eseries and they have never let us down.There's no need to tell you the Nokia E72 walks and talks business. The big one though has greater responsibility to carry. We guess the E72 will not fear being judged against the best messengers in its class.

Key features:

    * Quad-band GSM support
    * 3G with HSDPA 10.2Mbps and HSUPA 2Mbps
    * Landscape 2.36" 16M-color display of QVGA resolution
    * Comfortable full QWERTY keypad
    * Optical trackpad on the D-pad
    * Symbian 9.3 OS, S60 UI with FP2
    * 600 MHz ARM 11 CPU and 128 MB of SDRAM
    * 5 megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash
    * Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology, DLNA support
    * Built-in GPS receiver, A-GPS support, digital compass
    * Accelerometer for turn-to-mute
    * 250 MB of internal memory, microSD expansion, ships with a 4GB card
    * Standard 3.5mm audio jack
    * Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP support and microUSB v2.0
    * FM radio with RDS
    * Remote Wipe
    * Great battery life
    * Office document editor (including MS Office 2007)
    * User-friendly Mode Switch for swapping two homescreen setups
    * Smart dialing
    * Full Flash support
    * Great audio output quality
    * Lifetime Nokia Messaging subscription

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Vijay playes the role of an auto driver in the movie. His role reminds us of superstar Rajinikanth, who played the role of an auto driver in the hit Baasha. Actress Anuskha, Arundhati fame, plays the role of a medical college student. Vettaikaran’s story is based in unwanted elements that needs to be removed from the society and the country. Who other than Vijay can fit in such a role? One by one he removes all those unwanted elements. Meanwhile he falls in love with Anushka, who comes from a middle class family. Both share a great chemistry, whether it’s fighting or romancing. Initially both fight every now and then, but finally they fall in love. Expectations are high and people are hoping that Illayathalapathy’ Vijay lives up to their expectations.The movie is directed by Babu Sivan and produced by M.Balasubramaniam, B.Gurunath Meiyappan. Vijay Anthony has taken care of the music for the movie.

flow of d movie with awesome editing, vijay has tried acting after longtime, hero doesnt show off with many punch dialogues and dats y d mass kept in fight sequences worked well with silent vijay turning into fire !……i would rate babu sivan a step above heroine anushka….this guy has worked really hard, to make vijay win atlast !….director has given of all wat he can deliver as a debutant….the best part is, chemistry between director, hero and other artists in the movie has worked well ….. song sequences were kept in the best moments , such dat screenplay doesnt gets disturbed ….music director is another positive for dis movie…..
IMO….when babu sivan’s name was displayed, der was a BGM thalapathy thalapathy, dat was awesome work by vijay antony…

i dont know, y d hell they gave intro song to shobi master …..he has made a shitty crap out !……
villain role was not powerful to equal vijay !….villain pesardhukku badhilaa nariya yeppam vidraaru bow bow nu !….vijay should improve his acting skills when it comes to sentiments …..example is d cliamx, when he delivers dialogue to devaraj IPS about police profession, i was really waiting about when he is gonna finish it !!….it happened even in some scenes in middle !…vijay humour ah dialogue sonnaa work out aavudhu…avarukku serious dialogue or advice panna theriyala, he should improve dat, else he should drop dose scenes in upcoming movies !!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Ameer is a slum-dweller who graduates from petty crimes to murder for better revenues. During one of his assignments, he makes way with a car and inadvertently bestowed with the ownership of a child. The child’s mother gets hurt in an accident after the car stealing and the reluctant Ameer is left with the custody of the toddler. It takes no time for him to abandon the kid in one of the street corners, but he holds himself back and brings the kid home for he had never forgiven himself for the loss of a life in a similar manner earlier in his life.
Ameer gets into the skin of a petty goon who gradually becomes a criminal, accidentally owning a baby. The razor sharp dialogues in his coarse voice accentuate his performance and the way he carries a repulsive past with him can be quite depressing for the viewer. His father character, played by journalist Devarajan, is impeccable. He metes out domestic violence at his wife, unapologetic about the death of his little daughter and uses his wife’s dead body to make money. Quite disconcerting and it doesn’t feel that Devarajan is a newcomer.

Another revelation in the movie is (actually there are two, another being Snehan who effortlessly portrays a mean thug) Madhumitha, playing the role of a single mother whose husband walks out on her. Her eyes speak volumes than actually her words and when she is forced to breast-feed the baby of a stranger, she becomes the epitome of motherhood. A picture of whatever little love is left in the world.Yogi is definitely not a time pass movie, it can be distressing. On the other hand, if you are looking for a heavy duty movie with some brilliant performances, try it. It wouldn’t hurt to see the darker side of human life once in a while. It tells you the tryst of happiness with life’s strange play of fate, when hope gets crushed.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Renigunta tells the story of 5 young men who are at large after having escaped from prison. They land up in Renigunta after their journey to Mumbai goes awry midway. They stay on as they find Renigunta a fertile ground for their activities which mainly consist of carrying out murders as per order. They are ruthless assassins who will kill anyone for a fee, it seems. But, how did they turn out to be the criminals that they are? That is where Renigunta can make people do some soul searching. The process of creating a criminal out of a very normal youngster is masterminded by the society; first by preferring to keep quiet when he needs help and then by hurriedly branding him as a criminal the moment he tries to raise a voice for himself. The process of a criminal’s evolution is told through the life of newcomer Johnny who is the son of a law abiding dutiful police officer who gets involved in a pretty dangerous case. Johnny’s dad’s conscientiousness costs him his life as well as his wife’s. Only Johnny is left alone. No one comes to his help, no one fights for justice and the frustrated and angry young man tries to wreak revenge. But, too small and too weak for the evil forces, he is branded as a criminal and put behind bars. Again, neither the law nor the society turns to help him. Labeled as a criminal and facing torture in jail, he finds refuge in a band of four young men who have already turned the corner and accepted lives on the wrong side of the law. The quintet sets off on the journey that takes them to Renigunta.The director (Paneerselvam) has delivered what he set out to give. He has not diluted the theme or deviated from it for commercial considerations. The amount of violence seems to be justified by the script; one cannot point out a place where it seems forced. Having said that, the A certificate is completely justified and the movie is certainly not for very young people or those who are looking for regular entertainers. It is dark and grim most of the time. Scenes are gory and at times can leave even men accustomed to such movies with a grimace.Technically the movie is adequate. Camerawork suits the mood of the movie for most parts while music does not find too much of a place in spite of a few songs in the film. Dialogues by Singampuli are definitely praiseworthy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Who will wield the megaphone for Ajith Kumar’s 50th film?

Finally the wait is over. The actor Ajith Kumar is constantly going through script works of 3 filmmakers, he has finalized to work with for 50th film.

After much discussion actor Ajith Kumar finalized the filmmaker for his 50th film. The Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar 50th film will be produced by Dayanidhi Azhagiri’s Cloud Nine Pictures.

Ajith is willing to cast Venkat Prabu as the director for his 50th film after Venkat Prabu completes ‘Goa’ with his favorite team Premji, Jai and Vaibhav, Which is Produced by Soundarya Rajinikanth, the movie is based on real life incidents and his earlier style of filmmaking is said to have attracted Ajith.