Thursday, February 25, 2010

VTV Movie Review and story

The movie stars Silambarasan and Trisha playing the lead roles. A R Rahman has scored the music. The movie did created news with its audio launch as it was the first time for a Kollywood movie to get its audio launch in London. Anyways nothing can be predicted. Lets hope the movie does a good job. Karthik is our young hero. A 22-year-old man who has just finished his engineering degree and has cinema on his brain - he wants to become a film-maker one day. He is no shirker in his efforts; his days are spent knocking down doors of film directors' offices and studio hangars, hoping for a chance at assisting an established film-maker. And then one day, Jessie breezes into his life.That is what Karthik feels when he sees Jessie from afar.

She lives upstairs on their two-level independent home and barely notices him for the first few weeks. Then the contrived "chance" encounter by Karthik on their rooftop, the fervently planned meeting at a KFC joint where Jessie works, the way he blurts his love to her, his impulsive trip all the way to her native Alapuzha to apologize to her for that, their discovery of their love and - the strongest element in their love story - whether they are fated to be together or part ways, given their tumultuous environment. Jessie is torn between her love for Karthik and loyalty to her family. Vinnai thandi Varuvaya is a sweet love story that revolves around Simbhu and Trisha.Simbhu plays a very cute guy in this very sweet romance, while Trisha attracts everyone with her traditional wear and superb cool look. To make the music more special, two songs has been shot in Malta Islands.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rajini, Ajith, Vijay, Amitabh in Kalaignar(CM) Fecilitation function - Their Speeches

Ajith never appears in any of the meetings. But this time he appeared in the kalaignar fecilitation function in the Nehru stadium on 6th Feb. Many stars like Amitabh, Rajini, Kamal , Vijay, Ajith  and the most of the cine world were present in the CM function. It is very often most of our actors are threatened by few personalities in film industry to get connected with political issues. Now and then, lots of protests are held by the members in union. I request everyone to let the actors get on with their profession and save them for the best. He however said that he attended the function on his own to thank the Chief Minister for his service to Tamils and Tamil Nadu for the past six decades and no one pressured him do so.

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Madras university announced today for Nov-2009/10

Many students will be eager in seeing their madras university results.The Madras University results has been released today. Many of them will be loking for the right website to see their results. Here comes my website for helping you. I have listed many websites below, where you can get your results easily.
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Overall Review of Asal - flop or hit?

Thala rocks in Asal. Finally Ajith’s Asal has hit the theatres today, 5th feb. The story has come good and it is a treat for his fans. The story is a little bit like the English Godfather movie. With two  heroines in the form of Bhavana and Sameera Reddy, director Saran has did his part.  The movie starts with actor Ajith, who is an underworld don. Ajith has passion for Guantanamera cigars. The real action, drama and suspense begins when Ajith’s entire gang mysteriously killed.  All of sudden, second Ajith appears on silver screen, who tries to solve the mystery behind mass killing. You can guess, this Ajith is police or intelligence officer or something else. To solve this mystery, you have to visit nearby theaters or multiplex. The camerawork keeps the viewer visually pleased, partially compensating for flaws in the script. Action should have been better. Only the fight between Ajith and Kelly close to the interval stirs up excitement, it is plain on all other occasions.The only strong negative character (Kelly Dorji) is finished off prematurely which also stunts the growth of Ajith’s character.(Read more)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

No Deletion of scenes from Asal

Ajith's Asal  has been released today, 5th Feb. It has come good. It may be recalled that the former Union Minister Anbumani Ramdoss appealed to the producer of Asal, Sivaji Productions, director Saran and actor Ajith Kumar to delete scenes that show the lead star smoking cigar. Anbumani, who also heads the Pasumai Thayagam, said that such scenes will have adverse impact on the youth and children and threatened a demonstration. Reacting to this, Prabhu, on behalf of Sivaji Productions, Saran and Ajith, has issued a statement in which it is said that Asal has been censored and all the guidelines that the Censor Board recommended has been followed strictly. Actor-producer Prabhu said that Ajith’s speech on ‘smoking is injurious to health’ will be showed at the beginning of the film.

Nokia 2710 Classic Features and Prices

The nokia 2710 is a advanced mobile. This is the most affordable GPS-enabled phone Nokia 2710 pre-loaded with Nokia maps. The mobile has device-based mapping so that it can be used for directions even without data connection. The price of the mobile is expected to be around Rs.8000 in major cities like chennai, kolkatta, delhi, mumbai.

Key Features:

    * 2.2-inch display screen
    * MP3 player
    * Ovi Mail
    * 2GB memory card
    * 2-megapixel camera
    * 3.5mm AV connector
    * FM radio
    * Four hours and 20 minutes talk time
    * 18 days standby time
    * GPRS
    * GPS
    * Turn-by-turn driving directions with voice guidance
    * Point-to-point straight line navigation with a digital compass
    * Pre-loaded Nokia Maps and regional maps

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Golf Shop

Golf is one of the popular games played all over the world. Its not cheap like other games but its quite interesting to play. Just like cricket  we know that it’s a sport but we dont have that much interest towards golf. Surely it is not a popular sport for the masses. I haven’t heard a lot about the people who is really into golf. I too know a very few people in golf except for Tiger Woods.  Also its not  within the average level for the common people and definitely they  can’t afford it. Also its difficult to find a Golfshop where you can buy all the items related to golf.

If you are the athletic beginners of those who have already once demonstrated a golf taster course, the Power golf course which is incorporates the substance of the Championship course will be perfect for your need. It is important for obtaining the Green Card for those whom his own time frame which is the Golf Platzreife placed with individual coaching. I know it sounded ridiculous but I find golf to be a very peaceful sport. Dents in golf clubs can affect the drive of your golf ball. With these golf clubs, you can take very good care of the state of your golf club and your game.One golf equipment we feel you need to lay out on is a good pair of golf shoes and you can have it all here in this Golf shop. To protect your golf equipment, such as your golf club, a golf bag golf club cover is important. A golf bag will, of course, hold your golf club in one spot and will make it easier for your caddy to bring your many golf clubs. Golf baggage can also hold golf balls and other golf equipment like a drinks bottle to quench your thirst while under the sun or an additional shirt or your regular shoes.